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Champagne Toast

From goodreads: Kate Armour and Evan Maxwell fell hard and fast for each other while attending college. Their once passionate and loving relationship ended when old scars eventually tore them apart. Two years after their breakup, they’re each struggling to piece together what went wrong in an attempt to move forward.

Kate, a no-nonsense bartender, must face her past while attempting to focus on her future.

Evan is stifled by his bitter heart, which threatens each and every relationship he attempts after walking away from Kate.

Will life offer them a second chance at love or are old patterns simply too hard to break?

If I enjoyed Bouquet Toss by Melissa Brown then I thoroughly loved reading Champagne Toast.  This is a romantic story about Evan (who was introduced to us in Bouquet Toss) and Kate and their journey in finding each other again. As much as I enjoyed it, I did think at times the dialogue was a bit forced because it didn’t ring true to a natural conversation and there were moments when the flow of the story was a bit choppy.  But make no mistake, I did enjoy this book a lot.

The past and present are weaved together and you are hooked from the very beginning giving us a glimpse how it all started.  As the story progresses we begin to understand the circumstances in which Kate and Evan met.  Ultimately that creates an unstable foundation for a new relationship, both making mistakes and hurting one another.

“No one has ever made me feel like this, no one. So much regret, so much loss, and so much desire all swirled together in my muddled brain. In my muddled heart.”

I was definitely more invested in Kate and Evan’s story as it was more complex and painful.  Kate is a gal who is strong but stubborn but without much belief in herself, until Evan.  Evan inspires her, pushes her and makes her whole.  I know, SWOON!!!  Kate has the same effect on Evan as he wants to become a better man for her and only her.

Even though we can see that they are good together, the misunderstandings begin and so does the push and pull.  The missed opportunities are felt and you can’t help but want to speed read because you want to know that they’ll make it as a couple. So hold on tight because it’s gonna be a bumpy ride but so worth it!

“That’s the thing about love — it’s full of possibilities. It can lead you down so many different paths. Sure, for some of us, it can lead to sadness and regret. But, for others, well, for others it can lead them to the greatest future they could’ve ever hoped for. Love is the most possible thing in the world.”

This is a story about second chances and it will make you believe in true love!

My final two cents: I thoroughly enjoyed Kate and Evan’s story…I didn’t want it to end! ;)



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About Melissa:


Melissa Brown is a hopeless romantic living in the Chicagoland area with her husband and their two children.

Aside from writing, she enjoys reading and baking. She also has a slight obsession with actor Henry Cavill and the TV show New Girl.

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  1. Tess says

    Thanks Cristina for the review! I enjoyed Bouquet Toss and I would really love to read Champagne Toast! Congrats Melissa on the release and all the best! :)

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