Recovery (Mending Hearts #1.5) by L.B. Simmons (review+giveaway)


From goodreads: I have the perfect life.

I’ve finally found my happy ending. 

I fought through the loss of one husband, lucky enough to be given a second chance at a lifetime of happiness.  Settling into our new lives, however, may not be as easy as it seems. 

What really happens after the fairytale ending?  What happens after the prince rescues the princess?  After he sweeps her off her feet and carries her off into the sunset? Do they truly live happily ever after?


This is our story.

This novella was an absolute treat!!! To me, it was like the epilogue I needed for Running on Empty and if I enjoyed that book…I absolutely adored Recovery.

Alex, her daughters and Blake are baaaaaaaaaaaaaack! I love them all because all these characters have the ability to make me feel good and make me believe in the power of happily ever after.  Recovery starts with the next chapter of their life together, their wedding day plus some major news which is a bonus surprise and I love that!

With all relationships, new or old, they take work and communication is key and we get to witness firsthand what can happen when we aren’t open with our feelings.  That hiccup in their relationship felt real and incredibly relatable.  Alex had so much going on in this novella that it was no wonder that she was stressed out the entire time, hence the issue between her and Blake.

Just when I thought I knew exactly what was going on in this story, L.B. delivers an impactful amount of angst that I did not see coming and I almost did the happy dance while reading.  It was perfect and there’s so much emotion in that scene that I felt myself getting choked up because it was beyond touching and heartbreaking.

There was something different about this book that I connected with and I’m not sure if it was all the life-lessons learned or the spirituality that was faintly in the backdrop of this story but there was something about it that moved me.

“As soon as the thought crosses my mind, I feel the air shift and a familiar sensation surrounds me.  It’s indescribable, but I know that I’ve felt it before, and something about it eases my soul.  I can’t put my finger on it, but I know I have experienced it and it’s telling me something.”

L.B. Simmons knows how to write a heartwarming story, one that will make you laugh, cry and simply make you feel good.  If you haven’t read this series, treat yourself today!  ;)



About the Author:

L.B. Simmons is a graduate of Texas A&M University and holds a degree in Biomedical Science.  She has been a practicing Chemist for the last 11 years.  She lives with her husband and three daughters in Texas and writes every chance she gets.

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