Wuther by V.J. Chambers


From goodreads: This new adult retelling of Wuthering Heights is intended for mature readers due to explicit sexual content and coarse language.

Instead of storms tearing through Yorkshire moors, the sounds of ’90s grunge rock whisper through backwoods American cornfields…

And give new life to the Bronte characters you love to hate.

A gypsy orphan, Heath Galloway adores Cathy Earnshaw, his childhood sweetheart. He would do anything to protect her from her drunken, abusive father–even push the man down a flight of stairs to stop him hitting her.

But with her father dead, Cathy’s older brother Matt runs the Earnshaw farm and both of their lives. And Matt despises Heath. Forced to drop out of school and work the fields, Heath is separated from Cathy and the two begin to drift apart.

When Cathy meets the rich, blond, and suave Eli Linton, she finds herself torn between Eli’s charm and Heath’s brute potency.

Fiercely proud and stubborn, Heath doesn’t take well to being brushed aside. He’ll get what he wants, or he’ll get revenge. No matter how long it takes.

This story is inspired from the book, Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. I wish I could say I’ve read but I haven’t, so I don’t have anything to compare it to.  However, I can tell you that I loved this twisted and dark story; it’s an absolute page turner and will keep you up all night long! Yes, it’s that good!!

I had no idea what to expect from this story and I stumbled onto this book purely by accident on Amazon;  I’m not sure if it was the blurb, the cover or both that attracted me to this book but this is a love triangle that will make you throw your e-reader out the window Bradley Cooper style!!!

We are a product of our environment and it’s up to us to figure out if we will remain that way or change.  This is that story and the majority of pivotal characters are deeply flawed.  The most complicated of love-triangles exists in this very book and it stressed me out the entire time!!

Cathy is the heroine and in the beginning I wasn’t sure how I felt about her but as her character slowly developed, I liked her less and less because I found her to be quite selfish.  I wasn’t clear about why she did the things she did and I suppose if I understood that more I could have felt more empathy for her but I didn’t.  Eli, the kind and generous soul was too good for his own good and he was competing for Cathy’s affections but he was no contender, in my eyes, against the dark and brooding Heath.

The only time we saw good come from Heath was in his affections for Cathy and it’s as if the light began to overpower his darkness making him very lovable.  On the flip-side of that he does things which are so heinous and calculated that it gives you a certain amount of heartburn!  I absolutely loved Eli but the poor guy needed to grow a steel pair because he was being taken advantage of in a way I’ve never seen happen in a book before.

“Heath and me are forever,” she whispered. “I think that whatever souls are made of, his and mine are made of the same stuff.  We’re the same.”

The story is weaved with the past and present and the writing is absolutely fantastic.  There’s romance, mystery, a sociopath and so many twists and turns that this book will render you absolutely speechless.  My review is touching on just a few of the characters but there are so many more that are worth getting to know and I’m not fond of re-telling what the story is about because that’s in the blurb but what’s important to know is…this is a must read!  If you want something dark, edgy and twisted…this is it!  ;)




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