Scan by Sarah Fine & Walter Jury

13451410From Goodreads:Tate and his father don’t exactly get along. As Tate sees it, his father has unreasonably high expectations for Tate to be the best—at everything. Tate finally learns what he’s being prepared for when he steals one of his dad’s odd tech inventions and mercenaries ambush the school, killing his father in the process and sending Tate on the run from aliens who look just like humans. 

All Tate knows–like how to make weapons out of oranges and lighter fluid–may not be enough to save him as he’s plunged into a secret inter-species conflict that’s been going on for centuries. Aided only by his girlfriend and his estranged mother, with powerful enemies closing in on all sides, Tate races to puzzle out the secret behind his father’s invention and why so many are willing to kill for it. A riveting, fast-paced adventure, Scan is a clever alien thriller with muscle and heart.


You’re looking at a girl who can’t read a science fiction book without being half bored to death. I don’t know why! I just never seem to be able to concentrate enough to grasp what’s actually going on. I think sci-fi isn’t the genre that “clicks” with me.

However there was something about Scan that definitely clicked with me.

Tate’s father has always trained him to be “prepared”. Prepared for what, exactly? Tate never knew. Until the day his father is shot and Tate discovers that an alien invasion is taking place.

What I liked about this story is the fact that everything seemed so believable. There was nothing I couldn’t grasp, and it was honestly very interesting. The alien concept was so different than what I’m used to. You hear “alien” and think of creatures with giant heads and green skin. Here we get a whole different take on what “aliens” are.

Tate is a character that I really really liked. He was smart in every sense of the word, and yet he didn’t brag about it. He didn’t feel presumptuous when he said he could speak more than 10 languages. I really liked that about him. Tate is so imaginative and inventive when it comes to survival. He made a weapon out of oranges. ORANGES! I really loved every second where he would create new weapons and inventions in desperate situations. 

“When you touch something, your skin leaves behind all sorts of stuff- amino acids, isoagglutinogen, potassium, and a bunch of other compounds. […] All it took to gather the fingerprint was a lightbulb, some foil, a bit of superglue, this strip of tape, and some vodka.”

I also really enjoyed his relationship with Christina. We finally see the relationship through his eyes. For once we don’t need to second guess what Tate’s real feelings are, because we know that he really cares for her. His relationship with Christina never seemed “in the way” of anything, which I also loved to see.

What I didn’t expect was to see such a well-developed relationship with his mother. It’s common in YA to see absentee parents, so when I actually saw Tate’s mother playing such a big part of the story, I was pleased. His relationship with her at first is really estranged. Once they start getting to know each other and actually speaking to each other and conveying how they feel, you could actually see a real mother-son bond forming. It was so nice! <3

This book is definitely action-packed and I really could not put it down until the very end. There were lots of twists, turns, and surprises that just left you in awe. I cannot wait for the next book, since this one left me with a really significant cliffhanger.

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  1. says

    I’m not a big science fiction fan either, especially if it has anything to do with space. It’s really weird too but for some reason,I’m just not that interested reading about space. I am intruiged with the premise of this book and I love the fact that the parents are very visible and just there in the story. The fact that you enjoyed this despite not really being into science fiction is a plus too and yes for twist and turns and jam-packed action :)

    • Marianne says

      Yes I think that’s my problem, too! I like reading about Earth more, lol. There are definitely lots of twists and turns. Felt very movie-ish. But in a good way, lol.

  2. says

    I’m not much of a sci-fi fan either. Or Dystopia. Or Post Apocalyptic. I tend to stick to my comfort zone, which is YA contemporary =)) But it seems like you really loved this one so I’ll probably add it on my TBR.

    Awesome review!!

    • Marianne says

      I read a lot of YA Contemporary, so I understand being partial to one genre. I do recommend this, as it’ll appeal to different people. Thanks, Paula :)

  3. says

    That’s how I feel about sci-fi too, Marianne. I’m not a fan of alien books either. However, I am intrigued by your review, so I may have to add this one to my list!! Great review & happy reading!!

    • Marianne says

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels like this about sci-fi xD Thanks, Tricia. Hope you enjoy it if you get to reading it! :)

  4. says

    I’m so happy that you have found a sci-fi book that you clicked with. I totally know how you feel as I feel the same about contemorary books. But there are always some that you click with. This one sounds great and I really like the whole idea here. Great review :)
    Tanja recently posted…ARC Review: Alias Hook by Lisa JensenMy Profile

    • Marianne says

      This is a nice book for stepping into the sci-fi genre. It slowly gives you a feel of it. It really is great. Thanks for stopping by :)

  5. says

    Marianne – to hear that sci-fi isn’t your usual genre combined with the fact that you gave this 4 stars regardless is definitely a good sign! Tate sounds like such a strong and dependent main character, and his relationship with Christina sounds oh-so-swoony! ;)

    And hurray for strong parent and child relationships! I agree…too often are parents not a part of the story, so it’s refreshing and great to see there’s a much needed one here!

    Thanks for sharing, and, as always, BRILLIANT review! <3
    Zoe @ The Infinite To-Read Shelf recently posted…A Mad, Wicked Folly Review Swap!My Profile

    • Marianne says

      Tate is definitely very independent and strong. Very relatable and not your usual main protagonist. His relationship with Christina is so cute! I hope to read more of it in the next book. Thank you, Zoe! :)

  6. says

    This sounds great, Marianne! And I love sci-fi, so if this is good enough that even a non-sci-fi likes it, count me in. AND the characters sound great too. I’m pretty sure I already have this on my wishlist, but I might wait until the next book comes out before actually reading it, b/c CLIFFY. So thanks for the heads-up on that ;) Great review!
    Jessica @ Rabid Reads recently posted…Early Review + Interview: The Winter King by C.L. WilsonMy Profile

    • Marianne says

      Ah, yes. Better to read it close enough to when the next book comes out. Cliffhanger literally leaves you hanging xD Thanks, Jessica!

  7. Cristina says

    I’m a sucker for anything Sci-Fi and yes, I’m a Star Trek fan AND I can’t believe that I’m admitting that out loud for the world to hear! LOL ;) When a story can incorporate aliens…I’m so there! I’m totally gonna add this to my TBR! Fabulous review Marianne!

    • Marianne says

      Nothing wrong with being a Star Trek fan! I’m a LOTR fan myself and I’m proud. LOL. Thanks, Cristina. Let’s hope one day you can get to it. :)

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