When Everybody Else Has Read The Book…

I’d like to tell ya’ll a little anecdote about this book that everyone else has seemed to read but me.

I am one to mark my calendars and relentlessly stalk my bookstore so they can acquire the book I want so I can read it on its release date. However I couldn’t purchase this book on its publication date, much less on that same week. This book is the last book of a very popular trilogy and it was an extremely anticipated book.

Imagine my despair when absolutely EVERY.SINGLE.ONE. of my Goodreads friends were reading this book; on the publication date for Christ sake! I had to avoid Facebook, Twitter, & Goodreads for a MONTH until all the hype surrounding this book died down. However that didn’t stop my few real-life bookworm friends from gushing and discussing this book’s ending. As much as I said, “I haven’t read it” they seemed to believe this was invitation to spoil and basically taunt me for not reading it.

I could barely even go into Tumblr or Instagram because people were either ranting or gushing about the book. It was hell those weeks. I learned everything that happened in the book without actually having to read it, and my motivation for reading it just basically went down the drain. Now I have the book on my bookshelf, and it’s the last book I’d pick up to read right now.

Basically this whole little story was about my experience when everyone else seems to have read a book you wanted to read.

I could make a whole list with times this has happened to me (I can’t buy books as I please! I try to exert some self-control), and it was pretty 1- uncomfortable & 2- irritating.

To save y’all from my same fate, I’ve come up with some tips to overcome this problem:

  • Ignore any and all reviews of said book you’re waiting on.
  • Buy (or borrow from Library) book as soon as possible.
  • Read it as soon as it’s in your hands
  • After finishing the book, try not to spoil it for others who may be in the situation you were in.
  • Repeat.

If you can’t acquire the book for any reason, then your best bet is to train yourself to ignore spoilers at any cost. You see a spoiler? Leave the page, turn off the screen, don’t listen to the inconsiderate people talking about it.

There’s always going to be a book that everyone else has read, you just have to remember that you’ve probably read a book that someone hasn’t. Let’s just try to be considerate with everybody, huh? ;)

Have you ever experienced something like this? When you’re over the moon excited for reading a book but then everyone else reads it before you and spoils or influences you in some way?



  1. says

    I get the feeling I know which book you were talking about :P

    For me though, a handful of spoilers that could save me a whole lot of heartache wouldn’t be that bothersome, I actually seek those out from time to time.. ESPECIALLY if I am looking at the finale to a beloved series.

    Those steps are really helpful though, especially when I can be incredibly tempted to check out spoilers when I know the thing I am worried about is only a result of my own paranoia :P

    Thanks for sharing, Marianne!! :)
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  2. says

    Marianne…that’s happened to me a few times and but most recently with Divergent. I was halfway through book 2 and BOOM. *bangs head on desk* I saw someone post a blurb about the third book and it was a HUGE SPOILER that wasn’t hidden. WHYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE? I wasn’t a major fan of the books anyway but still.

    Needless to say I never finished reading that series. The only other time is happened it was with Hunger Games. Didn’t finish that series either.

    If girls had nuts…I would punch them in the nuts but since they don’t, a bitch slap will do. *shrugs* Actually, I’m all talk…I would never do that but I feel like I sound like a badass when I say those things. *snickers*

    PS: what book are you referring to??

    • Marianne says

      Oh man that’s the worse feeling! That’s why I haven’t finshed the Divergent series.

      The book I’m referring to is Allegiant. :$

  3. Tricia says

    Yes, Allegiant — that totally happened to me too!!! I didn’t get the book right away & even though I tried to avoid spoilers, I still saw enough. I didn’t know EXACTLY what happened, but it was still enough to give bad vibes & make me postpone reading it. I did finally read it after I saw Divergent. Another one that got spoiled for me was the 6th Harry Potter book (there’s a big event towards the end & if you’ve read it then you’ll know what I’m talking about!!!). I finally read the series a couple years ago, and I was in the middle of the 6th book, and a friend accidentally spilled the beans. I still finished it & loved it. But I had mixed emotions about the spoiler — while I wasn’t surprised by the events, I was able to prepare myself for them. And while I knew what was going to happen, I didn’t know when. So I guess sometimes it works out ok. I try not to spoil things, which is why sometimes I have trouble writing reviews!!! Great discussion!!!

  4. says

    Unfortunately with the way our social media and internet work today, encoutnering spoilers is almost inevitable. I’ve encountered it a lot of times, but it’s mostly my fault. The internet is a public place, and it’s a public discussion, too, so if I don’t want spoilers, I will have to adjust and not go to places where I know there will be those spoilers. Meanwhile others have to be considerate too and warn beforehand if there will be spoilers in a post or tweet. I’d gladly mute them for a couple of minutes. Haha.
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  5. says

    It may sound crazy but I haven’t experienced anything like THAT. I mean…I usually don’t read a book the moment it comes out because, if it’s one I want to read and think it’ll be good, I’m going to buy it and I can’t buy books every week so have to wait. If I don’t plan on buying it because I think I may not enjoy it THAT MUCH (I have a feeling about books usually :P) then I borrow them. What I prefer though is ARC so no hype like when it releases and stuff. ;)
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  6. says

    YES THIS. This is the sole reason why I HAVE to read big ticket books on release date because I just CANNOT be spoiled, and it drives me crazy that everyone else is reading it and knowing what happens and the potential for discussing it somewhere I might see it! How funny how it’s less about needing to read the book but more about avoiding being spoilt LOL
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