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I love my book page wreaths that I posted about a few weeks ago. I enjoyed making them, and I love the finished products. I don’t know if I’ll ever make another bookish item, but I love browsing them via Pinterest. I thought I’d share a few of the handmade bookish things I’ve found. Some things are pretty cool and some things are pretty weird!

Here’s a different style of book page wreath, found here:


This is another beautiful book page wreath:

book page projects

Ooh, these flowers are gorgeous! Found here:


Here’s a headboard made from books (yes, that’s right a headboard for your bed made from books!!!) here:



Clocks made out of books, seriously they look so cool!! Here’s the info:


A bookish lampshade found on etsy:


I love this Christmas tree made out of books, I think it’s sooo cute!!


There’s even small items, such as a book page light switch plate found here:

untitled (2)

And jewelry too!! Rings:






What about a gown made  from those little Golden books we all read as kids:


Would you wear that? I think it’s awesome, but I don’t think I could wear it!!  Or how about this one?

fairytale book dress

This and others found here.

As you can tell, I really enjoy browsing Pinterest, LOL!! What do you think? Would you like any of these bookish things? Would you wear any of it? Have you found any other bookish things?




    • Tricia says

      I know, some of these things are sooo cool!! I really like the jewelry too! I don’t think I’ll attempt to make them — I was successful with my wreaths, but I might press my luck if I try to make any other bookish things, LOL!! Lots of cool creative stuff though!! Thanks for stopping by!!

  1. says

    I love those and I would want any of those. I love the wreath! I have always been fond of the jewelry with book text in them. So cool! =)))

    • Tricia says

      I love the wreaths & jewelry too! Definitely some cool stuff, wish I was more creative!! Thanks for stopping by!! :-)

    • Tricia says

      Yep, don’t want to be the crazy book lady, LOL!! I definitely wouldn’t wear the dresses! I didn’t care for the lamp either, but I love those clocks! Ooh and the jewelry! Thanks for commenting!! :-)

  2. says

    I love these! I have dabbled in bookish crafts. I made jewelry out of Harry Potter books, I made a metal bookmark out of Potter books, my friend Ashley and I tried to make purses out of books… But nope. Didn’t work. I would love to make those clocks. Or the headboard. Too cool.
    Julie Johnson recently posted…Vintage Chic ScentsMy Profile

    • Tricia says

      I remember the purses, but I don’t think I’ve seen your HP jewelry!! If you make the clocks or the headboard, I definitely want to see!! You’re very creative, I bet you could make either! Your HP quilt is beautiful!! Thanks for stopping by!! :-)

  3. says

    I’m kinda obsessed with the light switch cover. I’m seriously considering getting something like that but I would want it from one of my all-time favorites, you know? I wish I was a DIY-kinda-gal but unfortunately I’m not and I’m so jealous you made those wreaths! :) The dresses and jewelry I can do without but everything else I love…OH and the flowers are fabulous too! ♥

    • Tricia says

      Yes, I could totally have the light switch cover with a favorite book passage!! Although, the others in my house might not like it as much, LOL!! I think the dresses are interesting to look at, but totally not for wear — at least I’d never wear them! These are totally cool bookish things, but I don’t think I could make them either! :-)

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