Drums of Autumn (Outlander #4) by Diana Gabaldon

drums of autumn - outlander 4From goodreads:

It began at an ancient Scottish stone circle. There, a doorway, open to a select few, leads into the past—or the grave. Dr. Claire Randall survived the extraordinary passage, not once but twice.

Her first trip swept her into the arms of Jamie Fraser, an eighteenth-century Scot whose love for her became a legend—a tale of tragic passion that ended with her return to the present to bear his child. Her second journey, two decades later, brought them together again in the American colonies. But Claire had left someone behind in the twentieth century—their daughter, Brianna….

Now Brianna has made a disturbing discovery that sends her to the circle of stones and a terrifying leap into the unknown. In search of her mother and the father she has never met, she is risking her own future to try to change history … and to save their lives. But as Brianna plunges into an uncharted wilderness, a heartbreaking encounter may strand her forever in the past … or root her in the place she should be, where her heart and soul belong….


I need to just say that I’m going to have a massive book hangover by the time I’m done with this series.  Every night I get in bed and read this series. And every night Claire and Jamie feel as though they’ve become family and their journey is my journey.  I don’t even want to think about how I’ll feel once I’m done.

“You are my courage, as I am your conscience,” he whispered. “You are my heart—and I your compassion. We are neither of us whole, alone. Do ye not know that, Sassenach?”

I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

Drums of Autumn has all the details you come to expect with Diana Gabaldon’s stories and no stone is left unturned.  Not one.

Jamie and Claire are totally on the same page.  Their love for each other doesn’t waver and now they are growing as a couple facing the challenges of building a life together.

more jamie 3

The first half of the story is all about Colonial America and being in the untamed wilderness as Jamie and Claire figure out where to settle.  Many would consider this to be slow-paced because of the descriptive narration, which it definitely is and there were moments that were exciting but I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I wanted and needed more, some of the day-to-day minutia didn’t always seem necessary but I understood why DG wrote it that way. She wanted us to have a true sense of life back in those days and it is grueling and oftentimes, unfair.  Don’t even get me started on her description with all the different smells.  Two words: body odor.

Drums of Autumn became beyond exciting and devastating in the second half of the book when Roger and Bree go through the stones.  Holy cannoli Batman!!!  Talk about drama.  And if I needed the other shoe to drop, it happened after the 49% mark and it did not stop.


Every character has their own harrowing story to tell and if I had to pick a favorite supporting character, it would be young Ian.  He’s my absolute favorite.

My heart broke so many times for Jamie and while some of it was his own fault, I couldn’t help but feel awful for him! *deep sigh* There was so much miscommunication that happened but if it didn’t, we wouldn’t have a story.

“And when my body shall cease, my soul will still be yours, Claire— I swear by my hope of heaven, I will not be parted from you.”

Now, I’m onto the 5th book, The Fiery Cross.  If my calculations serve me correct…I should be done with the series by October! *wink*



PS: if you don’t feel like reading the series because it’s too long, might I recommend the show on STARZ.  It’s friggin’ AUH-MAZING! ♥



    • Cristina says

      Thanks Jeann! ♥ It is a long series, it’s 8 in total they’re 800+ pages long. It’s a departure from what I normally read but I’m thoroughly enjoying it. Plus, once I’m done I still have the TV show to enjoy. *waggles brows*

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    How have I not been following your blog? I love this review. Drums of Autumn was one of my favorites. I believe young Ian takes a big role in this one, correct? He becomes another of Diana’s swoon worthy men in the series. Isn’t she brilliant? I’m so glad you’re devouring the series. I did the same thing.

    The Fiery Cross was not my favorite in the series, but I still loved it. You’ll be finished by October for sure at the rate that you’re going. I read like a fiend to finish these books, and you have two more in the series that I actually had to wait for…which is grueling because…Jamie.

    Here’s my silly attempt at a review of the the show, which I LURVE: http://wp.me/p430UE-oV

    I’ll stop now. I’m going to figure out how to follow your blog.
    Mandi recently posted…PenomenaliesMy Profile

    • Cristina says

      Hi Mandi!!! This series is soooooooooo good! Young Ian had a bigger presence but then he didn’t. Loved him and some of the things he would say had me dying! *snorts* I’m 30% in to The Fiery Cross and a lot of my book friends had mentioned that the fifth book would be my least favorite and they might be right but oh well, I’m still gonna finish it because I have to know what happens!!! *shrugs* PS: I loved your review of the show…hilarious! :)

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    Glad you are still enjoying this series!! You & another friend make me want to read them but I’m trying to get through a few others on my list first!! Hope you love the next book in the series too!! :-)
    Tricia recently posted…Where Do You Read?My Profile

    • Cristina says

      I am, very much so Tricia!! I will keep you posted on book 5…my goal is to review every book or so I hope! Once you get around to this series, I will be close by for moral support! ♥

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    So, wait, this already includes their daughter, right? Who I assume is a teen? How old are Claire and Jamie here now? It’s so interesting to see how this author grows alongside the characters. Usually a bunch of books happen in a short period of time, but this one is very generous with the ages :D Can’t wait to read all of it!
    Faye @ The Social Potato recently posted…Potato Strip #2: Blog Name Part 2My Profile

    • Cristina says

      Yes it does but keep in mind they (Claire and Jamie) reunited after 20 years. That’s all I can say or I will ruin the journey for you! *wink* And yes, this series in generous with the amount of details and the difference of time if that makes sense. Once you start, I doubt you’ll be able to put it down! :)

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