The Mortal Instruments TV Show – Will You Watch?


So, I saw some interesting news on Professional Fangirls.  (I follow them on Facebook, LOL). It seems The Mortal Instruments series will be making it’s way to our TV screens sometime in the future. No idea on when or any other details other than Constantin Film is hoping to go into production sometime next year. You can read the article here.


 So, if there is a Mortal Instruments TV show, will you watch it? I would definitely check it out to see if it’s any better than the movie. I was very disappointed in the movie. I know sometimes time constraints don’t allow movies to contain every book detail, but this movie felt very different from the book. It didn’t feel the same at all! I’m hoping if there is a TV show that it will be a better adaptation. It has the potential to be really great!


So, what are your thoughts?



  1. Tricia says

    I think the other books in the series were better than the first, but I also kind of think it should have ended after the 3rd book. I’ve read them all but the last (6th) one, I have it, but just haven’t gotten around to reading it yet. I have a feeling a may be disappointed like I have with some other series endings!! Anyway, yes the movie was a disaster!! The book was definitely better! I’m hoping that if they go through with this TV series it’ll be so much better! I’ll definitely check out the 1st episode & then decide from there! Thanks for commenting! And no worries, being dramatic about books & movies is totally understandable!!! :-D

    • Tricia says

      I know!!! That was not how I pictured Jace at all!! I’m hoping he looks better in the TV show! Can’t wait for Magnus too! And Simon!! Thanks for stopping by!! :-D

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