I can’t believe it’s October already. Well, I can but.. wow. Next thing we know, we’re singing Christmas songs and exchanging Christmas book recs! So before all of that, let’s focus on this month. I want to share the spooky books I’ve read this year so far (the top 5) These books don’t have the gore and the bloods and the killing spree kind of scare. But it’ll give you the chills, the creeps and definitely the spooks. Ready?

Oh, and be sure to leave the light open while you’re reading the book. ‘Kay?



This Is Not A Test by Courtney Summers

– Oh man, I just finished this the other day and I’m still speechless. Courtney Summers is such a great writer. This is about a group of teenagers and they’re all stuck in a school because ZOMBIES and death is everywhere. THAT SUMMARY IS FROM ME BTW. This book has the right amount of sexiness (yes you read that right) and creepiness (ZOMBIES!) and mystery and the thrill oh my goodness (my heart) and believe it or not, it’s also heartbreaking. Read it! I mean, look at that cover!



Amity by Micol Ostow

– Uhm, CREEPY PHONECALLS? check! SEEING LITTLE GIRLS WHO AREN’T REALLY THERE? check! CHARACTER WHO LOOKS REALLY NICE BUT KEEPS THINKING ABOUT KILLING PEOPLE? check! and I’m pretty sure you’ve all heard of AMITYVILLE which is where this book was based from. If you’re a fan of Stephen King, I think you’d like this.



Made For You by Melissa Marr 

– Okay so maybe you want to solve a mystery while getting creeped out. Maybe you’re one of those who reads the book in one sitting because YOU WANNA KNOW WHO THE CULPRIT IS. Well, okay, I have this book for you. Eva is the most popular girl in her town AND SOMEONE TRIED TO KILL HER! I never thought I’d say this but I totally enjoyed the Killers POV in here. Got me guessing until the end too. Who is the Killer? You? Me? Her? That guy over there? WHO KNOWS?!!!!




Donners Of The Dead by Karina Halle

SEXYNESS AND HOTNESS YES. Oh and ZOMBIES AND HISTORY YES. Plus, it’s Karina Halle! The awesome kickass lady, that reason should be enough. But seriously, Donners of the Dead was a fast and a  creepy rollercoaster read for me. The history intrigued me, the zombies and the way Halle writes kept me up and there’s JAKE McGRAW. The relationship between Jake and Eve is a classic! It’s filled with mistrust, desire and intrigue. And all the supporting characters are well-developed. I’m gonna shut up now BUT JUST READ IT. Scare the crap out of yourself. Thank me or kill me later.


Fractured by Erin Hayes

They are TWINS! And they’re no Anna and Elsa. Fractured is such a fast read.. and a terrifying one.. I’m scared of this author. WHERE WOULD SHE GET THIS IDEA?! PLS LET HER STAY AWAY FROM ME. This book is crazier than crazy. How do I describe the creppiness? IDK maybe just stare at this:


Yeah that’s not creepy or anything.

Well, that was fun. :D I hope something caught your interest from this mini list. And don’t hesitate to hit me up with recommendations as well. This is not a genre I usually enjoy but I want to step out of my comfort zone and read more books that isn’t my usual genre. :) Thank you for stopping by!



  1. says

    I read Donners of the Dead and the only reason I read it because Karina had written it but other than that…I can’t ready creepy or scary books. I’m such a chicken, I even sleep with a night light on and I’m a grown woman! *snickers* Great post Paula! :)

  2. Tricia says

    Great post! But I probably won’t read any of these, I’m such a chicken!! I like suspense, but I don’t want to be creeped out! Can’t even watch scary/creepy movies!! Thanks for sharing though! :-)


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