Bookish Character Costumes

With Halloween just around the corner, I thought I’d share some interesting bookish costumes that I found on the internet. I rarely dress up for Halloween, but this may give good ideas to those of you still needing costumes!!

I found some great costumes based on some YA books here:

Like Hazel Grace Lancaster from The Fault in Our Stars

untitled (5)

or America from the Selection series – this dress is just gorgeous!! And there’s a couple others on that site as well.

untitled (6)

Here  are Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter

untitled (7)

and Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings series to name a few (this page even has bookish costume ideas for kids)

untitled (8)

Or you can always go as a Twilight book!!

untitled (9)

Fifty Shades of Grey


untitled (10)

Alice in Wonderland 


untitled (11)

And of course, Harry Potter themed costumes!!

untitled (12)


untitled (13)

and here

untitled (14)

And now some Outlander/Jamie pics for Cristina – just because!! ;-)

untitled (15)

untitled (16)

 So, what bookish costumes do you like? Have you ever dressed up as a bookish character and which one?

untitled (4)



  1. says

    I love all these costumes!!! I’m terrible at picking costumes or figuring out what the heck to wear if I have a Halloween party to go to but luckily this year I didn’t have any plans. *phew* And the 50 Shades of Grey had me crackin’ up!

    If ANYONE that resembled Jamie in the least showed up at my door trick or treating…he would leave with more than just candy! *giggle snort* *dreamy sigh* PS: and his pic totally made my day! ♥

  2. Tricia says

    Yay! I’m sooo glad it made your day!! *happy dance* I was hoping it would help with your Outlander withdrawals!! :-)

    I’m terrible at picking out costumes anymore for myself, and thankfully I rarely do! Also thankful that my daughters are usually fairly easy to please when it comes to picking out their costumes! When I worked at the library, on a couple occasions I had to dress as a book character — so one year I carried around Clifford the Big Red Dog & said I was Emily Elizabeth, LOL! When I was pregnant with my 2nd daughter, I had no idea what to dress up as, so they made me Mother Goose! I’m just glad I don’t have to wear a costume very often anymore!! :-)

    • Cristina says

      It totally helped with my Outlander withdrawls…now I just need it to be April. I have no shame. *shrugs*

      You carried around Clifford!!! *snickers* That’s hilarious but Mother Goose is priceless!!! :)

      • Tricia says

        Yep, I didn’t really know what to dress up as, so I just brought a Clifford with me! LOL! :-)

        I remember my withdrawals with the Twilight series & Harry Potter series — I was in such a funk!! That’s why I’ve been putting off Outlander!! :-)

  3. says

    Fun!! It wasn’t for Halloween but I have dressed as Hermione twice for various Potter parties. I would totally try Hazel. A student did her last year at school by wearing a grey sweatshirt, short wig and nose tubes and a mini tank and cart :-0 it was pretty accurate. The kids joked that I should come as Umbridge tomorrow. They would die if I did.
    Julie Johnson recently posted…Sniff My Tarts: Box 2My Profile

    • Tricia says

      I can totally see you as Hermione!!!! That’s awesome!! Oh my goodness — you should dress as Umbridge!!! If you do, I wanna see pics!! :-)

  4. says

    Recently my friend had a birthday party and we were supposed to dress up as our favourite book characters so I just had to be Tatiana from The Bronze Horseman. I couldn’t find a dress on short notice so I bought a white dress and some fake roses and sewed them on by hand. I bought a blonde wig and made my 5’9 husband be Shura. LOL!!! I fake tattooed him with “Tatia” and bought him some fake cigarettes. It was soooo fun. We are so not Tatiana and Alexander. ;)
    Hildy recently posted…Cherish by Tracey Garvis-GravesMy Profile

    • Tricia says

      Oh how cool!! I’m sute y’all looked great! I haven’t read that series yet (it’s on my list), but I think that’s one of Cristina’s favorites! I need to read it! Thanks for stopping by & sharing your story! :-)


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