How Long Have You Gone Without Reading?


My family hosted Thanksgiving this year, and we’re getting ready for a quick/mini-vacation; so I’ve been really busy. I haven’t had much time to read. After seeing Carmel’s (over at Rabid Reads) Weekly Question, (What would you do if you were not allowed to read for a WHOLE week?) I realized that it has been at least a WHOLE week since I read a book!!!!! Seriously!! No wonder I’m starting to get a little cranky and impatient – I’m having withdrawals!!


Reading keeps me sane, and it’s my escape. It’s also my entertainment, my hobby, etc. So, not reading for a WHOLE week gives me withdrawals. I can’t imagine going any longer than that without reading. Also, I can’t remember the longest I’ve ever gone without reading since becoming a busy bookworm in the last few years. I did a quick skim over my Goodreads progress for this year, and it seems a week is my longest. A few years back, I didn’t read as much, but I didn’t have as much time either since I had toddlers. So, I’m sure I went longer between reads but reading wasn’t as important as it is now.


 For my recent years of being a busy bookworm, a week is my longest gap between reads. What about you – how long have you gone without reading and why?



  1. says

    I took a self-imposed reading break after the Outlander series and in hindsight, I don’t think it was long enough. *shrugs* But other than that…I can’t imagine taking a reading break unless I was in some sort of book funk or suffering from a book hangover. *wink*

  2. Tricia says

    I totally get that. Yes, after a series like Outlander, you’d definitely need a break. I’d like my book breaks to be of my choosing, but life keeps getting in the way, LOL!! Thanks for sharing! :-)

  3. says

    I remember in the middle of high school I moved from homeschooling to a prep school. It was an overwhelming move, and I went pretty much a whole year without reading extracurricularly, I was so focused on classes and homework. Then, I realized that I was totally miserable and figured not taking the time to read was part of it. So, I told myself that I’d always put reading before school! Lol! My grades got hurt in college because of that, but I was happier for it.

    Great post!
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    • Tricia says

      Well, I totally understand focusing on school & not reading (& vice versa, LOL!), that’s an understandable break. If I was in school again, I wouldn’t have much time for fun reading. I just hate when things are so busy & I can’t squeeze in any reading time, LOL!! Thanks for stopping by!!

    • Tricia says

      I was able to do a little reading on our trip, but not much! I sooo wish I could read in the car!! I could have gotten sooo much reading done on our long car ride!! I didn’t read much either when my kids were little, but that was during my phase where I wasn’t reading as much as I do now so it didn’t bother me! LOL! Now it bothers me to go too long without reading!! Crazy!! Thanks for stopping by! :-)

    • Tricia says

      Ooh I hate reading slumps! That’s great though, that the break actually recharged you for reading! Glad it helped you get out of your slump! So I guess sometimes reading breaks pay off, LOL! It just bothers me when I go too long without reading, it’s my therapy! ;-) Thanks for the comment! Hope you stay out of the slump!

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