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For most of us, it’s time for the holidays. Yay!! Does this time of the year put you in the mood for holiday books? I love holiday movies (have to watch Christmas Vacation at least once before Christmas!!) and some holiday music helps me get in the spirit. But, I’m not big on reading holiday books.

It’s not that I don’t like them or don’t read them at all. I will read some occasionally. It’s not a must though. If one of my favorite authors has a holiday book out, I’ll read it (especially if it’s part of a series) – but I’d probably read it anyway even if it wasn’t during the holidays!

“Oooooh it’s time for the holidays, I must read some holiday books!”

That’s not me. *shrugs*

I read whatever I want whenever I want, LOL! It’s the same for other holidays, like Valentine’s Day doesn’t make me want to read more romance (I read enough as it is *snickers*), and Halloween doesn’t make me want to read more scary books (I’m not a reader of horror anyway). My TBR list would be even more out of control if I started adding a bunch of holiday books to it! Plus, I find I have less and less time to read this time of year anyway, so I just read whatever I can when I can. If it happens to be a holiday book, that’s great – if it happens to be something else, that’s great too!

What about you – do you read holiday books during the holidays? If so, does it help you get in the right mood for the holidays? Or does the holidays put you in the mood for holiday reading? Hope everyone has a great week and finds some reading time!!





  1. says

    I’m not really one for holiday stories…like at all. I blame that on all the holiday overload I hear on the radio and what I see on TV. The last thing I want is a book about a holiday romance and I’m guessing that makes me a Grinch. *snickers*

    • Tricia says

      No, I don’t think that makes you a Grinch! This time of year is definitely overloaded with holiday stuff, & while the holidays are great, it’s nice to have a break! I’m right there with ya! I did read a holiday book last week, but I would have read it regardless — it was a novella from one of my fave romance authors & one of my fave series. That’s it, though, I’m not seeking out holiday stories, my TBR list is way too big!! We can be Grinches together, LOL!!

    • Tricia says

      That’s pretty much how I am too, I love holiday movies & the holidays aren’t the same unless I’ve seen one! But it’s different with holiday books — I can take them or leave them. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Tricia says

      I’ve heard of Christmas With the Cranks but I never read it, never saw the movie either. The only holiday books I’ve read are usually part of a romance series & sometimes it’s way before or after before I get around to them! Thanks for stopping by! :-)

  2. says

    Noooo. I don’t read Holiday Books at all. Like, that’s just not me, dude. What, it’s Christmas? So should I read books ABOUT Christmas? Everywhere, everyone is blasting christmas songs, putting on christmas decorations, talking about Christmas presents, and now I have to read Christmas books, too? I’d get crazy! So nope, I don’t. Like you, I read what I want whenever I want!
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    • Tricia says

      Exactly! For me, this time of year is so crazy busy that there’s little time for reading — so when I get a chance to read (a break from holidays), I don’t want to read a book about hloidays!! Thanks for commenting! :-)

  3. says

    I’m with Cristina on this one. I’ve been called by my friends THE GRINCH. I’m just not a festive person and I always feel like Christmas is being shoved down my throat. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy spending all this time with my family and so on but nope, the constant holiday music, tv & movies and just everything else doesn’t work for me. NOT AT ALL.
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    • Tricia says

      I know, it’s getting to be too much! I normally love Christmas & this time of year, but there’s way too much Christmasy stuff!! And it’s been going on since before Halloween! It’s just too much, a major overload. That’s why I rarely read Christmasy books — I need a break!! Thanks for stopping by!! :-)

    • Tricia says

      Yep, my TBR list is sooo big, I don’t need add holiday books to it, LOL! I’m the same way as you, once in awhile I might read a Christmas themed book, but I’d rather stick to my list. Thanks for commenting! :-)

    • Tricia says

      I’m a mood reader too! I like reading whatever I want whenever I want, so reading holiday stories when it’s not the holidays is totally fine!! Thanks for stopping by!

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