How Are Bookworms Treated in Your Household?

It feels good to be back. I am {finally} done with the semester and therefore can finally get back to doing what i love most: blogging. 

I WAS going to post a boring review today, but I decided to ask something very important: 

Does your family understand you?

Before you start calling me an angsty teen, I just mean do they understand that you’re a bookworm? 

In my case, they do… but they don’t. I’ll explain. 

Whenever I get a new book in the mail, my mother exclaims “ANOTHER book? Don’t you get tired of reading?” while my grandfather says “you should just open a library”. It’s awkward when asked what I want for Christmas or Birthdays because as a bookworm, my first choice will be books. My mom doesn’t like that. She says I have “too many”. She literally frowns at me when I buy more books.

It’s not that my family is ignorant, it just that they were never raised in a time where reading was anything other than a small hobby. 

At the end of the day, my family respects my love for books regardless. I still have to justify hoarding buying so many books, and I still struggle to ask for books as presents (hint: ask for a gift card and use THAT to buy books ;)), but they know how important it is to me so they respect it. (I still get into debates with my mom about why you don’t just get rid of the books you’ve already read. Haha. )

And hey, at least I can go to a bookstore and my mom will feel charitable enough to buy me a book (and letting me buy that stack of books I’m carrying, t00).

I’d really love to know how your family reacts to your bookish obsession. Let me know in the comments below! 



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    I come from family of readers but I think I’m the only one that really takes reading to a whole different level! *snickers* I guess it’s in my DNA to read but I seriously can’t leave my house without my kindle and if I do…it just feels weird. I guess you could that reading for me is a lifestyle choice! *snorts* PS: I love those GIFS…especially Lena Dunham

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      It’s awesome that your family reads, though! My mom sometimes reads some romance novel when she literally has nothing else to do, but other than that I’m the only serial reader, haha. And that Lena Dunham gif I use on a daily basis when I’m told I read too much, hahaha.

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    It’s a lot more complicated in my family. My mom doesn’t enjoy the expenses of the books but at the same time she respects that I love reading. The only time she ever gets bothered is why I prioritize reading over school work and such which is understandable but you know… READING. I love reading.

    My dad on the other hand… He definitely didn’t understand a while ago but now he is a lot better with it. Also he has no idea how many books I buy so there is that… :P

    Wonderful post, Marianne!
    Rashika recently posted…ARC Review: Last Will and Testament by Dahlia AdlerMy Profile

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      I wish I could prioritize reading but I always feel so guilty if I leave something behind! I wish I had your same strenght ;)

      Haha I know what you mean, I’ve started sending books I buy to a P.O. box and pick them up later on… that way my mom has no idea. ;P

      Thanks, Rashika! :)

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    My mum and Gran are both bookworms, so they completely understand. We all want to go book buying together! But my dad and brother don’t get it at all, they’re like you’re family. My dad doesn’t understand why you would re-read something, and my brother thinks there are so many better things you could be doing! So I half feel your pain :)
    Victoria recently posted…Top 10 Tuesday (#3)My Profile

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    My parents understood when I was growing up since they were bookworms too. But I married a guy who doesn’t enjoy reading. He does not understand but he also doesn’t interfere. My little girls love books, so far so good on that note… Now if I could only teach them to not interrupt reading time I’d be set. ;-) hope you gets lots of books from Santa!
    Julie Johnson recently posted…NEST Candle: HolidayMy Profile

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    My father is actually proud of the fact that publishers send me books for review. He sees it as… umm… an “asset” that may help land me a good job someday. He has this mentality if someone is going forward to ask for YOUR services, then it’s probably a good thing ;) Haha! They never care about my book hoarding and obsession. They know that I am this way, just like how they are the kind of people who collect cars (dad), or collect action figures (brother), or collect bags (mother), or collect shoes (my other brother). I’m glad they’re not too fussy about it because boy, if they think this is a lot, wait till they see how I shop for books when I have a lot of money!

    Faye at The Social Potato
    Faye M. recently posted…ARC Review: Last Will and Testament by Dahlia AdlerMy Profile

    • Tricia says

      Thankfully, my husband understands my bookish ways & needs. He’ll still tease me at times — usually about my excitement of getting a new book in the mail or that I want my own library (my physical shelves are overflowing!!). But he “gets” it. He’s an occasional reader, but mostly non-fiction. Growing up, my parents understood & yet didn’t. They liked the fact that I read, but were always surprised that I would read a new book so quickly. Also, they’d send me outside (because I was in my room too much), but couldn’t believe I’d bring a book outside to read. Ooh also, my mother-in-law understands that I read a lot, but takes it to mean that I’m a reader of a lot of different things (genres). So, I end up with some book gifts that I’ll never read!! LOL!! Great post!!

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    I hear ya, Marianne! Semester’s over for me too and it just feels awesome to be free! I miss you guys! And to answer your question, my family has always been supportive that I’m a reader. I think my mom will be more disappointed if I ended up not loving to read. Right now I’m living with relatives who doesn’t read…at all! I don’t know how they survive without books, lol. I don’t think they understand how I can be perfectly happy in a quiet room somewhere reading but at least they let me be so I’m good. Great discussion Marianne!
    Amir recently posted…Musings: When real life ruins your blogging life…My Profile

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    Welcome back Marianne, I missed you! :) my family/friends are exactly the same. I do hoard books, but I feel bad asking for them for Christmas and Birthdays because I have so many, and then I wonder if I’ll get around to reading it. I usually buy my books myself for that reason, and ask for other stuff. But yes, books are our first choice!
    Jeann @ Happy Indulgence recently posted…Giveaway & Review: Symbiont by Mira GrantMy Profile

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    Woah. At first, my mom and brother didn’t understand my love for reading SO MUCH, reviewing and blogging but when I tell them that I got new books by others and publishing houses in my mail they seem happy for me and proud. Things changed a lot though. Now, if I ask for more books, my mom understands (because she knows I review a lot and read fast) so I’m really glad. My brother keeps pushing me to write a book though. He says that I have good knowledge of books so I should put that in application XD But I don’t want to lol.
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