Top Ten Authors I Read This Year

This list isn’t about debut authors, but of authors that I’ve read or heard of throughout this year that I’ve really come to like. They may be special because of their writing skills, maybe because of their awesome Twitter updates, or their amazing Instagram pictures. Whatever the reason,

Here are my top ten favorite authors of 2014: 

  • A.G. Howard

A.G. is the author of the brilliant book, Splintered. It’s really awesome, trust me. Point is, A.G. is really nice on Twitter. She interacts with readers and just makes you feel so giddy that you can both fangirl together about Morpheus.

  • Tahereh Mafi & Ransom Riggs

They’re like Brangelina. Tahereh’s tweets and Ransom’s pictures are really fun. Just this picture is enough for me to love them. I love Tahereh’s Shatter Me series and I am planning to read Ransom’s books soon. 

  • Sarah Fine

I’ve devoured all of Sarah’s book’s and I’ve loved all of them. If I tweet at her (for like the millionth time) she always very kindly responds or favorites and just lets me know that she’s there. I like that she’s not totally creeped out by my obsessing enthusiasm. 

  • Rainbow Rowell

Attachments, and Eleanor & Park pretty much ruined me for any real expectations of romance. I think by this point I’ll read Rainbow’s grocery lists because she’d probably make that sound beautiful, too. 

  • Jandy Nelson

Her book ruined me. It became one of my all-time favorites. I love her writing, seriously. 

  • Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner

They are both so cool! I LOVE their Starbound series, and they are really sweet and are nice on Twitter! 

  • Kasie West

I’ve loved every single book she’s published. Here’s to hoping for more. (Here’s my review for one of her books, if you need some convincing to check her out!) 

  • Tamara Ireland Stone

She’s so sweet and always interacts wth her readers. She is so positive and her books are wonderful. I’m desperately waiting for her next book. :) 

  • Abi Ketner & Missy Kalicicki

I like these gals so much. I love how humble and grateful they are to every single reader. It’s really nice to see that authors still really care about their reader’s opinions. They have an Instagram where they posts lots of teasers and such from their books.

  • Karen Amanda Hooper 

You honestly have no idea how much love I have for this author. She’s basically like a close friend of mine already because I’ve reviewed all of her books and we’ve been interacting for a little over a year now. Karen is the nicest; she actually gave her readers the chance to choose whether they’d want to suffer through a cliffhanger or not. She is the author who cares 100% about her readers and makes them happy every single time. Whether her book is about soulmates, merfolf, or virtual realities, she always creates wonderful worlds and imaginative stories.

Well, that’s my list.

I could have gone on and on, because trust me, I have a lot of authors that I would love to give love to, but here are some notable ones.

What about you? What are some authors that you loved in 2014?


  1. says

    I quite enjoyed Splintered as well, but then again I have a weakness for Alice in Wonderland re-tellings, so that’s not overly surprising. Plus, that cover! Oooh, ahhh! Unfortunately, Unhinged wasn’t quite up to snuff for me, but I have high hopes for the conclusion to Howard’s trilogy because we’re going back down the rabbit hole. Fab list, Cristina!
    Carmel @ Rabid Reads recently posted…Paranormal New Releases: December 30th + Feature Rename PollMy Profile

  2. says

    What an impressive list Marianne!!! I’m in totall agreement with you on Rainbow Rowell…I love her. I enjoyed Attachments but it’s E&P/Fangirl that are my absolute favorites!! I even ordered the new collector’s edition for Fangirl that’s coming out in May! *eeeeeeeeeep* Can’t wait. I’m in the process of reading This Shattered World and holy cannoli Batman!!! I think Imma gonna have a heart attack from the stress! ;)

    Let’s talk about Tahereh and Ransom. *dreamy sigh* Are they the cutest couple ever or what? And you are so right about them being the Brangelina couple of the book world. And I love the Shatter Me series!!! I have yet to read anything by Ransom but I will and soon. :)

    May 2015 be filled with a ton of fantastic books! ♥

  3. says

    Well now I’m definitely interested in reading Miss Hooper’s books! Plus I’ve been eyeing that mermaid book for a while now. Maybe I’ll give it a shot, after all. My favorite discovery this year is C.S. Pacat, writer of my favorite M/M romance series, Captive Prince. However I REALLY don’t rememeber if I read the books in December 2013 or January 2014. My GR challenge says January 2014…oh well. :P
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  4. says

    Rainbow Rowell seems to be a perennial favourite! Aside from Attachments, I’ve loved every single one of her work. Kasie West knows contemporary. I didn’t quite enjoy her Sci-Fi offering, but I could read any contemporary she puts out. Jandy Nelson. Oh my heart. Words cannot express how much I adore both her books!

    Great list, Christina. :)
    Joy // Joyousreads recently posted…Happy New Year!My Profile

  5. says

    Oooh, I like Karen Amanda Hooper too! I need to read Book 3 of Kindrily series soon since I really enjoyed the series. Sadly, Branded is on pause for me. Does it get better? I was just not connecting with the characters. And I have Splintered on audio but not listened to it yet, I really should get on that! Happy new year Marianne! <3
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  6. Erika says

    Great list! I love Taraheh Mafi and Kasie West! I’m putting many of the others here on my list to read soon! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Tricia says

    Great list! Definitely need to add some of these to my list! I love Rainbow Rowell’s writing & I really enjoyed Tahereh’s Shatter Me series! Ooh & I really enjoyed Splintered too — I need to read the next one! Thanks for sharing! Hope 2015 brings even more favorite authors!! :-)


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