A Darkness Strange and Lovely (Something Strange and Deadly #2) by Susan Dennard

18635024From Goodreads: 1876 Paris. Her brother dead, her mother crazed, narrator Eleanor Fitt heads to Paris for Spirit-Hunters — Joseph, Jie, and Daniel – where the Dead have risen. On the steamer, friendly Oliver entices her sweetness of black magic. Hypnotism makes targets turn against what they stand for. Rich Marquis du Bazillac, LeJeunes, and his sister sponsor Hunters in Society.

My Review…

I remember complaining about how the first book was sometimes very slow and boring. Well, I had nothing to worry about in this book!

From the beginning, Eleanor’s refreshing voice brings you back into the story, and if you had forgotten anything, she quickly and subtly brings you up to speed.

Now, Eleanor is on her way to Paris to meet the Spirit Hunters. I really enjoyed this! Eleanor is finally free of having to keep up the pretenses she kept for her mother’s sake, and as her own person she’s set on being independent and self-sufficient. I think this gave Eleanor more space to mature and evolve as a character, which was nice. I really enjoyed seeing her grow into her own.

“ You are strong and independent, I told myself as I unlocked the door. Capable and clever. No males needed.”

I particularly loved that this book was much more ‘dark’ than the first one. This one focuses a lot on black magic, and ties the ‘zombies’- or dead as they’re called in the book- to this aspect.

The antagonist of the story is predictable from early on, but I think this was the author’s intention. The plot really has so many other things going on, that I guess deciphering the villain would have been too much.

As always, the writing is evocative and charming. I find myself wanting to have been able to see London in the 1800’s. Everything sounds so wonderful the way Susan described it.

The romance here… be still my heart! There wasn’t nearly enough romance, but I still loved it nonetheless. Eleanor & Daniel are such a wonderful couple and have great chemistry whenever they’re together (even if they’re bickering the entire time). I loved how they always worked together to solve mysteries and whatnot.

I think this book definitely surpasses Something Strange and Deadly, adding more suspense, action, and magic than before. It makes for a highly entertaining read, which will leave you wanting more once you’ve read the last page. I definitely recommend you get into this series! 





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    This sounds really interesting, Cristina! And I love it when a book takes me with it on a trip across the ocean! Eleanor sounds like the kind of protagonist I’d enjoy learning more about, too. So I need to check out this series and add it to my shelves.
    Have a fantastic Friday!

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