Life In Outer Space by Melissa Keil

18635024From Goodreads:

Sam Kinnison is a geek, and he’s totally fine with that. He has his horror movies, his nerdy friends, World of Warcraft – and until Princess Leia turns up in his bedroom, he doesn’t have to worry about girls.

Then Sam meets Camilla. She’s beautiful, friendly and completely irrelevant to his life. Sam is determined to ignore her, except that Camilla has a life of her own – and she’s decided that he’s going to be part of it.

Sam believes that everything he needs to know he can learn from the movies … but now it looks like he’s been watching the wrong ones.

My Review…

Cute nerd guy alert.


Guys can be so… clueless that I almost feel sorry for them. Reading Life in Outer Space is actually a breath of fresh air. I enjoyed the male POV for a change and I admit that I was a bit relieved that this book is more into romance than sci-fi. This book is geeky in a very charming way and I just adore every moment.  

I really thought that everything in this novel is slow though. The pacing, the romance… I thought nothing would happen until the very last page. Usually, I have a tendency to DNF books that are a snail’s pace. But Sam is so hard to let go. And I really enjoyed Melissa Keil’s writing. In fact, she reminds me of Rainbow Rowell with the way she writes. It was quirky, and witty and totally honest. That’s why I enjoyed Sam’s monologue, it was so entertaining to read. At first I thought the male POV is gonna put me off but surprise, surprise! It was amusing and very much enjoyable to read.

I love how there’s no Insta-love or Insta-attraction that happened. Sam’s thoughts was consumed by his favorite movies  and video games and all things nerdy. It was adorable. Sam is adorable and so is his friends, who I think, wasn’t given that much exposure. Mike…. I love Mike. He’s gay and wors in the financial services industry but that doesn’t stop me but from having a crush on him. I love his story and I wish he has his own book because his character is just simply incredible.

I don’t even have the slightest comment on Camilla because I didn’t like her.. that much. She was not annoying or anything but I didn’t connect to her at all. I guess that’s partly because Sam didn’t do a good job of introducing Camilla to me through his POV.

Overall, Life in Outer Space was a very entertaining read. I pretty much enjoyed everything if it wasn’t so slow. The writing is enjoyable, the dialogues are entertaining and the characters are hilarious. This book is full of humor and even though you’re not a nerd or a geek…you will still end up liking it.




    • Paula says

      So glad I’m not the only one, Melliane! I tend to DNF a book that puts me to sleep :D And you’re welcome!!

  1. says

    I loved Life in Outer Space, I think I have a special place in my heart for nerdy boys :D And I loved the way the romance was done too… I read it a very long time ago, though, and I can’t remember at all what I thought of Camilla.
    I’m glad you enjoyed this, even if it could have been more if you were able to connect with Camille in a deeper way, Cristina.
    Happy reading :)
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews recently posted…Waiting on Wednesday #35 – Lion’s ShareMy Profile

    • Paula says

      Hi Lexxie! I’m glad you loved this book. Yeah, it sucks about Camilla. I think I would’ve love the book even more if I got to know her more. Thanks for stopping by :D

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