2015 Reading Goals


Do you set reading goals? I usually set a reading goal through Goodreads with the amount of books/bookish items that I want to read for the year. I say books/bookish items because I want to log everything that I’ve read, whether it’s just a deleted or extra scene, short story, novella, or book. If it’s on Goodreads, & I’ve read it, then it gets marked as such. My memory is horrible, & this helps me keep track! Anyway, this year I ... Read More



*ahem* *taps microphone* Ladies and gents, I would like for everyone to meet... Pandora She is the latest and greatest addition to CBR and she hails all the way from Massachusetts.  I say, more the merrier and I can't wait for everyone to read her reviews! ;) Addicted to the ‘one-click’ magical button providing me with endless choices of book boyfriends! Blogger/Reviewer and part-time comical entertainer (selective hours vary on mood ... Read More

Reading or Listening?


I read a LOT of books, but I’ve never been big on listening to them. I know a lot of people, friends, bloggers, etc that prefer audio books, and I think it’s a great idea. I’ve just always been more of a reader than a listener. I want to change that a little this year. One of my reading goals this year is to listen to a few books. I’m not specifying an amount, I just want to give it a try. I’ve never really given audio books a try, except for ... Read More

Top Ten Authors I Read This Year

This list isn't about debut authors, but of authors that I've read or heard of throughout this year that I've really come to like. They may be special because of their writing skills, maybe because of their awesome Twitter updates, or their amazing Instagram pictures. Whatever the reason, Here are my top ten favorite authors of 2014:  A.G. Howard A.G. is the author of the brilliant book, Splintered. It's really awesome, trust ... Read More

Favorite Books 2014 (Part 2)


A few months ago, I posted about my favorite books  that I’ve read so far in 2014. I thought I’d end the year with a post about the rest of my favorite books. These aren’t necessarily books that came out in 2014, but ones that I read in 2014. Fangirl and also Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell!! I absolutely adored these books & they were the first books I’ve read by this author. Can’t wait to read more of her books! I liked ... Read More

What’s On Your Book Wish List?


Carmel over at Rabid Reads  had a great Weekly Question this week, and I thought I would ask one similar. For those that celebrate Christmas, what’s on your book wish list this season? For those that don’t celebrate, if you were going to buy or receive books anytime soon, what would be on your wish list? I love getting books as gifts, but unless I give specifics, it’s hard for my husband to get me book gifts. So, he’ll either give me a ... Read More

How Are Bookworms Treated in Your Household?


It feels good to be back. I am {finally} done with the semester and therefore can finally get back to doing what i love most: blogging.  I WAS going to post a boring review today, but I decided to ask something very important:  Does your family understand you? Before you start calling me an angsty teen, I just mean do they understand that you’re a bookworm?  In my case, they do... but they don’t. I'll explain.  Whenever I get a new book in ... Read More

Do You Read Holiday Books?


  For most of us, it’s time for the holidays. Yay!! Does this time of the year put you in the mood for holiday books? I love holiday movies (have to watch Christmas Vacation at least once before Christmas!!) and some holiday music helps me get in the spirit. But, I’m not big on reading holiday books. It’s not that I don’t like them or don’t read them at all. I will read some occasionally. It’s not a must though. If one of my favorite ... Read More

Library Haul


I love libraries, especially my local library. And not just because I used to work in one, LOL. I go through spurts, but basically, I read A LOT. So, it's either go in debt buying a whole lot of books or become a regular patron at my local library. The library became my enabler and dealer for my reading habit. It's a rarity if I don't have anything checked out from the library. They don't always have all the books on my TBR list, but they ... Read More