Do You Read the Extras?


  Do you read the extras in books, like the dedication pages or acknowledgements or any other extras? I’m kind of hit or miss with them. Well, more of a miss, I guess. I feel like I should read the dedications and/or acknowledgements because I’m sure the authors put a lot of thought into them, but unless they’re short, then I end up skipping them. Sometimes both the dedications and acknowledgements can get long and wordy. I’m ... Read More

How Are Bookworms Treated in Your Household?


It feels good to be back. I am {finally} done with the semester and therefore can finally get back to doing what i love most: blogging.  I WAS going to post a boring review today, but I decided to ask something very important:  Does your family understand you? Before you start calling me an angsty teen, I just mean do they understand that you’re a bookworm?  In my case, they do... but they don’t. I'll explain.  Whenever I get a new book in ... Read More

Do You Read Holiday Books?


  For most of us, it’s time for the holidays. Yay!! Does this time of the year put you in the mood for holiday books? I love holiday movies (have to watch Christmas Vacation at least once before Christmas!!) and some holiday music helps me get in the spirit. But, I’m not big on reading holiday books. It’s not that I don’t like them or don’t read them at all. I will read some occasionally. It’s not a must though. If one of my favorite ... Read More

More or Less?


Do you read more or less now than you did 5 years ago? 10 years ago? Or did you read more as a child? I read more now than I did 5 or 10 years ago. According to my Goodreads stats, I've read almost twice what I read 5 years ago. I didn't read much at all 10 years ago, since I had a toddler and another one on the way. I have a little more time now, plus my kids are older so they don't need my constant supervision. Also, I make it a point to read ... Read More

Bookish Craft ~ Book Page Wreath


I thought I'd share a little something different this week. I enjoy crafts almost as much as I enjoy books, so of course I was interested in combining the two! I kept seeing these gorgeous wreaths made from book pages, like this one: I loved it so much that I really wanted to try to make one. However, the book lover and former library assistant in me did not want to tear up books. While working at a library, I learned how to repair books, so ... Read More

Things I’m Tired of Reading Of in YA

Hi ya'll! First of all, I wanted to officially say "hi", since last week I just posted a review and didn't really get a chance to introduce myself. :) Anyways, do you read a lot of one genre? I do. The only genre I basically read is Young Adult (YA). While reading YA, I've realised something: there's a pattern among some YA books. I've noticed how there are many elements that keep getting used over and over again. Sometimes they're good, ... Read More